Unitedsituation is a New York City based research and design studio surrounded by a tightly - knit network of designers, artists, architects, writers, researchers, sociologists and technologists.

Working at the intersection of technology, design and urban space we focus our work on exploring their future connections, relationships and interactions with each other.

Ubiquitous technology, data and connectivity will impact, shape and transform our interactions with one another in unprecedented ways throughout the coming years. We are most of all interested in discovering what insights and future opportunities for design this may hold.

In our work we aim to create impact through a unique combination of research, strategic future thinking and applied craft rather than operating purely in the realm of theoretical strategies.

We aim to uncover new meaningful future opportunities that are subtle, human and social and preferably include a spatial use of technology.

We do research, create concepts and products, tell stories and actually also make things that work and write code. We also teach and do workshops.

Curious? Feel free to contact us and we look forward to send you additional information around us and our work.

UnitedSituation Data Lab
A multidisciplinary approach to data - driven innovation

We are currently in the process of extending our Data Lab with a multidisciplinary team to balance data analysis and visualization with user research for the most meaningful impact in data-driven oportunities.

We are defining new methodologies that utilize a multi disciplinary holistic approach from data to opportunity.
We see data visualization as a means to a product, not as the product itself.

New opportunities in the space of big and small data have to be driven by this holistic, multidisciplinary design methodology. It is with this process that we supplement and balance data discoveries with a human centered point of view in order to achieve the most relevant results for our clients.

Below an initial visual glimpse of our work in the lab. Due to the confidentiality of some of the data we work with, we currently unfortunately can not publish any projects online.

During the past year our lab was busy uncovering new insights and opportunities for clients such as BBVA and Telefonica among others using unique formats and methodologies to translate the uncovered insights into new opportunities for design through a more human centered lens.

We draw from a rich toolkit spanning quick data workshop sprints, multi day data- and idea-thons combined with user research and rapid design prototyping in a multidisciplinary process for data-driven innovation.

Client Projects
Most of our current client work is around uncovering new opportunities for design at the intersection of cities, people and technology. Due to the confidentiality of this work we can’t publish most of the projects we are or have been recently working on.

We are very excited though to be able to work on various projects around defining new opportunities in the context of technoloy and cities by exploring a range of diverse data sets while at the same time researching the future cultural and societal impact of this impending technology and data ubiquity on us and our interactions as citizens.

Data Narratives Workshop
Uncovering the hidden narratives in data; exploring the opportunities and impacts of personal user data through individual data collection, hands-on data visualization, and conceptual service development.

Using OpenPaths this workshop guides the participants through data - collection and - visualization techniques using individually collected geospatial data from each participant.

Each participant then uses this knowledge to analyze someone elses dataset from the group to uncover new behavioral insights. Finally, these insights are applied to then create and rapid prototype a "service for one" to help each participants user in their daily routine with the city.

It aims to create awareness and reflective discussions around the increasingly pervasive ways that we, as users, produce personal data, how this data is used and who the data is used by. It develops a reflective point of view around what potential opportunities for innovation but also digital pitfalls this data ubiquity may hold.

Especially in the context of sometimes rather abstract ‚Big Data’ Analysis this intimate experimental workshop uses personal ‚Small Data’ to create new insights, then translating these findings into new services and opportunities that are supplemented with individual user research and testing.

Watch the Video here

Initial Workshop held at New York's School of Visual Arts with Noa Younse and Amit Pitaru

Curious? Feel free to contact us and we look forward to send you additional information around us and our work.

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New York, NY 10013